After many years of running (3) separate domains for Timekoin, we've decided to consolidate everything down to

As the cost of keeping domain names continue to increase, it made more sense to have 1 domain for Timekoin instead of 3. Timekoin is not a commercial business nor is it a private organization. Timekoin is really about the technology that underlines it, so the choice to move everything to the .net domain made more sense. There is still a lot of documents floating around in cyberspace with the old domains referenced. Even earlier releases of the Timekoin software still reference these old domains, so that will have to be all removed for the next server and client release versions. We are confident though that moving forward, this will be the best for Timekoin and the supporting community!

Thanks to all those that sent in bug & performance reports. This is how version 4.0 will be the best version yet of Timekoin Server to be released.

-The Timekoin Team