The Timekoin Team has now released server version 4.0 !!

The new version now requires support for PHP v7.2 and higher. The new version is faster, more bandwidth efficient, and more secure than any previous release. The long existing feature of Easy Key has been integrated into the Transaction History of Timekoin. It no longer depends on external sites to work and thus offers even better security than before using the Timekoin network itself to maintain the shortcuts. The idle generation window has been increased from 2 hours to 8 hours to allow more flexibility for generating peers to go offline for maintenance or unplanned events. Generating peers now earn extra currency for running peer elections and creating Easy Keys directly from the network. These small fees also help prevent abuse in the network and pay server operators at the same time!

Find it in the download section link at the top of the website.

Thanks to all those that sent in bug & performance reports, this is how version 4.0 is the best version yet of Timekoin Server to be released.

-The Timekoin Team