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Auto Generate Plugin

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I've written a plugin that will act as "generation backup" for your servers. The idea is that this service plugin runs on a secure server, i.e. local desktop, Pi. It would then monitor the transaction queue for generation transactions. If one of the keys it is watching does not have a generation transaction, it adds one for it. The idea is that if your server goes down, ISP does something dumb, or your data center needs to do maintenance, you have not lost your accrued generation time.

Risks... During development, I had public keys banned as it looked like key was spamming network. Also, if the plugin/plugin server and your original server fails, you may lose your gen status. It is unlikely that both would fail, but you never know. I have had a public key generating 14 days now while the actual server has generation turned off. Recent generation server drops seem to have affected this as well. In some cases it prevented the server from being dropped, in others it did not. I think it has more to do with the hardware as I was running this on a Raspberry Pi. The Pi may not have had enough horsepower to do all 8 keys in the small time window that is available.

Rewards... Continual generation regardless of servers functioning state. Make it rain timekoins!

This plugin will store public and private keys. Make sure it runs on a secure server. You wouldn't want to lose all your timekoins because your VPS got hacked.

Feedback welcomed.
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