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Re: Automated Transfer Plugin

Post by smooj »

KnightMB wrote:
smooj wrote:Still can't get this one to start on version 3.36?
Do it show started in the logs "Filter my Main Program" or failed?
Started Plugin Service: Auto Currency Transfer

But it's always 'NA' on the Home tab.

Tried uninstalling, reinstalling & restarting server, no change.
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Re: Automated Transfer Plugin

Post by tiker »

I thought I'd give this plugin a try and have found a small issue with it on my server.

When I set up tasks using keys other than the server's own keys and those tasks run, the server starts displaying the balance of the keys from the tasks other than its own balance.

Looking through the plugin code, it's calling "db_cache_balance" to check the balance of each task which is causing the issue because that function is used for the server's own balance. I'm curious why "db_cache_balance" is being used instead of "check_crypt_balance" which is used for everything else.

If you've noticed, you'll see transactions trying to go through from this script that fail balance checks because of this issue.
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