Decrypt private key

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Decrypt private key

Post by jambo58 »

What is the best way to decrypt the private key (once it has been encrypted with a password in the tk client)

I'd like to decrypt a key and restore it to a new tk server build. I have the password obviously. Also just want to make sure I'm covered if I ever need to restore the key to another third party client
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Re: Decrypt private key

Post by joanofarc »

There are a couple of ways to approach this.

One is to copy the private key already encrypted to the new client. Technically you can leave it encrypted as long as you know the password to unlock it on the new client that you move it to.

The other is to remove the encryption by just entering the password once and checking the remove encryption check box, that will reset it back to plaintext. Then you can copy the key this way and move it if you want to encrypt it again with a new password somewhere else.
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Re: Decrypt private key

Post by koinmaster »

Remove the password protection (basically decrypt) it first in the client, then you can move the private/public key anywhere else that you like (server or client). I think she missed that part when she answered ;)
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