Timekoin Client FAQ - New Users Start Here

Timekoin Client not working? Someone might be able to answer your questions here.
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Timekoin Client FAQ - New Users Start Here

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Q: Can I Generate Timekoins with the Client?
A: No, the Client has none of the required server components needed to work with other peers in this fashion. It is intended to be an thin and easy to use interface for users to trade, spend, or receive the currency with some basic address and transactions management.

Q: Is My Client keeping the large transaction history data on My PC?
A: No, the Client only keeps a temporary cache of recent transaction history for your key, as well the address book and a temporary cache of network transactions that are about to be processed. The Client relies on the network of server peers to do the transaction processing and data storage.

Q: Is My Private Key going out into the Internet when I create a transaction?
A: No, the Client never sends out the Private Key for any reason. The Client builds the transaction data first on your PC and then relays this data to all connected peers at once for further replication and processing by the server peers.

Q: What do I need to backup in case of system failure?
A: You need only backup the Private Key and Public Key to be able to recover history of transactions, check balance, or create new transactions to spend currency from your account. Currently, there is no backup ability for the address book *yet*, but one will exist in the future.

Q: Is there an additional security layer that I can setup for my client?
A: Yes, the client has a built-in ability to encrypt the private key within the database using AES-256 bit. You will find this under the Options tab. Encrypting the private key will require you to enter a password for every transaction you wish to create. This will also prevent anyone from being able to physically steal your private key by taking the computer or phone that the client software is installed on. This would also prevent stealing directly from the database if the computer or phone was hacked.
Note: If you forget or lose the password used to encrypt the Private Key, there is no way to recover it. :o
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Re: Timekoin Client FAQ - New Users Start Here

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I was trying to use the client to get some timekoin from fhe faucet. The thing is that when i open the exe file I am directed to a website (IE opens) and am supposed to enter a name and a password although I never had the chance to "sign up" ?!?!
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