Use market as private messaging system

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Use market as private messaging system

Post by koinfaith »

It would be nice to have a chat service through the market where I could set price for contacting me and price of each chat message.
That will be ideal system of communication.
For example, Gary Johnson could put market item for sale "chat with GJ" QTY 10 price 1000TK and let interested people buy communication channel to chat with him.
He should be able to put required price on each chat message, let's say 100TK.

He could prove that he is GJ by putting a code generated by market on controlled by him website.
Market does not even have to verify that proof, buyers will verify themselves before buying.

Any presidential candidates could do the same. And those who don't ... :x ... will not be elected in 2016 :evil:

General idea is that different people have different cost of time, different priorities and different means.
Market should allow people with higher priorities or higher means to communicate with people who have expensive time.
Wouldn't you want to be able to send question directly to Bill Gates for 50000TK :roll: ? Or to Peter Schiff for 5000TK :oops: or to Brad Pitt for 10000TK :? ?
This would generate huge demand for all TKs :mrgreen:
Proceeds don't have to go 100% to recipient (recipients are usually rich enough), they could go to the market or be distributed equally to all TK generators or split in some proportion between those 3 :idea:
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Re: Use market as private messaging system

Post by ryanlee »

This is a good idea. I will try it if safe. However, since an on-board event data recorder (EDR) was initially used by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in 1991 to determine the details surrounding an automotive crash, the automotive industry knew it was the wave of the future.
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