Running Non-generating servers

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Running Non-generating servers

Post by warmach »

I have a computer/pi or two available that could run timekoin without generating (because only 1 gen request per IP) with the intent of strengthening the network against 51% style attacks. The only catch is that these would all come from the same IP but different ports.

In my lurking through the code, I have noticed that when determining to connect to a server, IP/domain is the only thing considered. This would mean that a server would only connect with at most one of my servers at that IP. While that is not a terrible thing (don't want a server to rely too much on a particular person) it does limit the effectiveness of protecting against the 51% attack.

Is this by design? Or am I reading the code wrong... :geek:
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Re: Running Non-generating servers

Post by KnightMB »

For IP only, it is by design, other peers won't connect to port 8888 and then port 8080.

For domains, technically you could have timekoin.blah point to port 8888 and peers would connect, then timekoin2.blah also points to port 8080 and the peers would see that as "different" and technically you have 2 peers behind one IP network doing data exchanges just on different ports.

Years ago, some wanted to restrict this, but the amount of constant checking it would take to determine if one domain was the same as other domain seemed unnecessary for the very reason you mention, running more than one peer behind the same IP address. The compromise was to restrict to single IPs and domains, well have as many as you like. :D
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Re: Running Non-generating servers

Post by koinmaster »

It's also possible just to have two servers behind the same IP just connected to different peers, so if peer A won't connect because it already is connected to the IP, peer B might do a connection to the other server on a different port because it has no connection to the other server. So in a way, you can spread it out a little and still have multiple servers behind one IP connected to different peers. ;)
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Re: Running Non-generating servers

Post by evoked »

I know this has been asked before. I would like to know if i can run multiple instances of the server to generate timekoin on the same IP address? If so, how can i do this, or is it just normally able to?

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Re: Running Non-generating servers

Post by funnow »

One IP for one server, I was thinking that I can use more servers on 1 IP till some time ago, and waiting, no election was going nowhere.
Now I have some servers different IP running on Centos linux, they are stable and fast, the only issue I had was 3 days of internet problems with the company of those servers, but no other issues.
I have tested some windows servers with IPV6 and ipv4 but not a real IPV6.
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