Suggestions about server version updates

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Suggestions about server version updates

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Today will be the last day for older version servers to generate koins as I've read. I'd like to comment on how we should update to newer versions of Timekoin.
As I've worked and still work in the information technology sector (clients /servers) I've dealt a lot with updating to servers. Different kind of servers, mostly Windows.

Here are some suggestions and how I would do it:

1) Updating a server-->preferably in the weekend.
2) For KnightMB-->Classify an update between high priority and normal priority. If it's high priority you should get this update
out there as soon as possible. If it's a normal update it can be shown in the weekend and we can update in the weekend.
3) It's of the utmost importance that ALL servers run this update as soon as possible so we all have the same version running. When you're running a server
to generate timekoins, you are also responsible to update the server to the latest version. We can't have servers with older versions mess up with old/wrong transactions running wild and routing this transaction all across newer servers.

It's really about having a stable network with stable servers running the latest version. That's the most important.
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