Windows Server Operators - Change to v4.15 or higher

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Windows Server Operators - Change to v4.15 or higher

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If you are running the all-in-one windows server exe version 4.14 or lower, there is a 32 bit number field that should have been upgraded to a 64 bit number field a while back when those server packages were being created. To be more specific, the table "main_loop_status" should have a 64 bit integer field for column labeled "field_data". This has been fixed in the v4.15 download exe for windows. This won't affect anyone that built a server from the source code (windows, linux, mac, etc.) as the sql template for the database always had the correct bits set when building new servers.

In less technical terms, if you export your keys (and note any custom settings you used), then download the v4.15 exe and restore those settings and keys, you should be good to go. If you want to fix you server live, it is possible as it only requires upgrading the field from a 32 bit to a 64 bit integer from phpmyadmin or the command line for example. Once that is complete, even on a running system, you'll be fixed.

How do you know if you have this issue?
If you look at your logs under the Tools tab, you see constant errors like this:
"Database ERROR Saving Network Seed via Transaction Foundation #1938"

What happens if you have this error?
Until the next seed change, your server will generate currency at the wrong time. It can also cause your server to seek election at the wrong time as the seed for this process is blank.

Why is it happening now?
The 32 bit field has a max number size 4294967295 (unsigned), the current seed number is 4534125104 (as of this writing) and it won't fit in the space, the server defaults to 0 instead. The next random seed change might be less than the max and everything will be fine, but that just means the issue might pop up again for your server tomorrow, next month, next year. It's all up to the network how the random seed is chosen.
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