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If bitcoin goes down, all crypto goes down

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2022 10:53 pm
by twinflame
One of the things I keep seeing is that every crypto goes down whenever bitcoin goes down. It's like all these algorithms over all exchanges are connected and everything drops. Aren't people getting tired of this?

You create a coin that has nothing to do with bitcoin, but it also goes down.

This dependency of crypto going up or down depending on bitcoin must stop. There must be competition between coins.

This can only happen if the market cap of another coin exceeds the market cap of bitcoin. So I suggest that everyone starts buying other crypto and get the market cap of other crypto way up so the bitcoin market cap can be exceeded.

Timekoin is doing just fine no matter what bitcoin does. :D

Re: If bitcoin goes down, all crypto goes down

Posted: Wed May 11, 2022 7:52 am
by twinflame
Bitcoin is getting punished bad in the markets today.
Bitcoin fell through support at $29,807. Now it has the potential to fall back all the way to the support at $26,000/23,000 and a good support at $20,000.

Timekoin's time will come, eventually.