Timekoin transactions per hour versus Bitcoin

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Timekoin transactions per hour versus Bitcoin

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An important parameter to check is how many transactions per hour a cryptocurrency is capable of.

What does Bitcoin do versus Timekoin?

According to this article https://bitcoinplay.net/how-many-bitcoi ... s-per-day/ there was a max transaction per day peak
of 439,549 transactions which is 18,314 transactions per hour for Bitcoin on May 1st 2019.

According to https://timekoin.net/index.php/about Timekoin can do 1200 transaction max per hour per public key (100 transactions per 5 minutes max per public key). So only 16 Timekoin servers are needed to exceed the transaction max peak per hour for Bitcoin (19,200 transactions per hour total).

There are now 125 servers online.

The max transactions Timekoin is capable of now at the moment is: 125 servers x 1200 = 150,000 transactions/hour (3,600,000 transactions/day).
Timekoin in the current setup exceeds the Bitcoin transactions per hour with a factor of 150,000/18,314=8,19.

This means Timekoin right now can do 8 times more transactions per hour than what Bitcoin on the peak day was capable of.

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