IPv6 Generation

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IPv6 Generation

Post by warmach »

While it is not much of a problem now, in the future, IPv6 addresses are going to be common. In fact, most VPN providers will give you a range of addresses. It would not be very hard to modify the TK code to have one server respond on 5 IPv6 addresses and generate income from each of the 5.

To mitigate this, what if we de-valued the IPv6 generation? Say that instead of generating 1 coin the first week, they generate 0.5, or 0.25. To me, it becomes more of a supply and demand thing. Less IPv4 addresses so they generate more. More IPv6, so each generates less...

What are your thoughts?
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Re: IPv6 Generation

Post by natugle »

Actually I think that the generation of timekoins somehow should be linked to the current market value. I also think the code for generation should be rewritten and the servers restarted from zero.

Cryptocoins market value are determinated by the relation between supply and demand. It is pointless to generate thousand and thousand timekoins every day when no one wants to buy timekoins.
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