Development Continues

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Development Continues

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Hi everyone! It has been pretty quiet for a while here. I just wanted to give you a bit of information to let you know that development continues on Timekoin.

As I understand it, KnightMB is going to be stepping away from the project for personal reasons. I have decided to continue development in his place. I have forked the code and have started work. I am not sure yet if there will be a transition of existing Timekoin resources or not.

As I am not as knowledgeable of Timekoin's inner workings as KnightMB, my current task is to become more familiar with it. To do this, I've decided to update the database access code so that it will allow us to use other database engines in the future. In addition, I am adding more logging so it easier to understand Timekoin's inner workings. This task is a big one that requires going through every line of code and will take some time to complete and test. I am working as fast as I can to get it done. Once I have a fully functional server, I may need some beta testers.

Thanks for your patience!
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Re: Development Continues

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Any news about the development?
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